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Selecting a Calligrapher

BY jane, ON Wednesday, January 5, 2011

While we would be very happy to take on your calligraphy needs, we would like to offer advice on seeking a calligrapher should you look elsewhere. The most telling sign of a good calligrapher is their branding. Seek an artist who uses their own calligraphy on their business card, or as their logo.  The Delicate Pen logo is my calligraphy.  I collaborated on our branding with Roy Levitt, partner at Van Deusen and Levitt, during our company’s fledgling years in 1998. Roy was adamant that we use my calligraphy as the cornerstone of our branding. If I was not brave enough to put my own work on my business card, who would have confidence in hiring me!

A dozen years have passed and (with help from Roy) we are still using the same branding with consistency. It is our brand. That mark, or logo, is on our stationery, all over our website, on our gift boxes and much more. Our business card was even featured in the Calling Card section of Victoria Magazine.

Choose a calligrapher who is brave enough to design their own business logo.  That is a good start in making your decision. We hope you consider us as a possibility!

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