Calling Card

BY jane, ON Thursday, January 6, 2011 AT 1:03 pm

You can see yesterday’s post on why we believe your decision in choosing a calligrapher should begin with their business card or logo.  We are proud that our card was selected to be featured on the Calling Card page in Victoria Magazine.  We take our card even more seriously than most.  We add hand painting to each card.  We like to have many different colors on hand.   People seem to have difficulty choosing which one they want to keep! The back of the card has our info.  I used a non-standard size.   You know how we artistic types are!

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  1. Lovely! It must be fun to watch the decision on which one to take! Which color is the most popular?

  2. People do gravitate toward reds and pinks, our most popular wedding colors as well.

  3. Why do you use a non-standard card size?

  4. I am just not a conformist or a purist, and I definitely don’t like to be locked into a box when designing. My card’s size was determined by the logo. I decided how big I wanted it to be and then how much white space looked good to me. I trust by my eye, not the ruler.

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