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123 - Part 2

Another favorite source

BY jane, ON Monday, March 7, 2011

I have a glorious source to feature this week!  You may already know, if you’ve browsed our website, that I have formal training as a dancer. That disciplined, yet creative background informs all of my work as an artist.  I have become acquainted with another dancer, Amanda Pearl, who has transitioned into the fashion industry.  A former Pacific Northwest Ballet ballerina, she designs the most glorious accessories, perfect for brides, mothers of the brides and guests alike. An injury caused Amanda to exit her stage career a little earlier than expected, but she has created a new life that allows her to envelop herself in all the sparkle, color and elegance of the costumes she once paraded.

I spent an afternoon touring Amanda’s workspace recently. Greeting me in edgy sneakers, skinny jeans, striped shirt and a cropped black sequined jacket, that only she could pull off, Amanda quickly introduced me to the fluffiest, whitest and most darling Havenese mascot, Fidel. (Mental note:  I need a fluffy mascot.) Creativity oozes from every corner of her studio.  From the mix and match white work tables to the glass display cases of samples, every nook of the atelier is beguiling.

Many dancers, I for one, have used the services of Career Transition for Dancers to help plan a second or parallel career.  The organization is one of the charities I support regularly. Here is a photo of three dancers turned entrepreneurs, wearing Amanda Pearl accessories at her Fall 2011 Fashion Week Cocktail Event last month.

Right to left: Me (dancer turned artist), Amanda (dancer turned accessories designer) showing her vintage crystal necklace, and Beverly Edwards (dancer turned Broadway company manager).

Photo: Amanda Pearl ©

No ads

BY jane, ON Friday, March 4, 2011

I recently had a meal at The Cheesecake Factory. I chose the word “had” instead of “enjoyed” with purpose. For, I was appalled to see that in their menu booklet there are loads of full page advertisements.  I had had a busy day of running errands, and I was more than ready for a respite in my day.  When I opened the menu and was bombarded with ads,  I expressed my dismay!  I will be hard pressed to eat there again until they change what is, in my opinion, a horrendous marketing decision.

Here at The Delicate Pen,  we want your visit to our blog to be ad free.  You won’t see any icons from other companies that would give us 2 or 3 cents in exchange for cluttering up our site, and your mini-break.  We don’t think that is elegant or……delicate.  I want you to take a one minute respite from your day and get a perk,  a tip or a personal recommendation from us, when you visit.

So for today, for your end of the week perk,  just a photo of some tulips I have set near my light board today as I am working, to make me, and hopefully you, smile. Spring really is only days away!

Photo:  Paul Mallick ©

Park Avenue

BY jane, ON Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I happened upon these rose sculptures along Park Avenue, while taking a stroll around town. Talk about a pick-me-up!  The display is sponsored by the Sculpture Committee of the Fund for Park Avenue and the New York City Parks and Recreation Public Art Program. The 38 giant pink and red roses are by artist Will Ryman. Half of the roses have been sold already! Some of the petals were designed and sold as chairs. (Really.)

Park Avenue is a street with no buses. On the islands separating up and downtown traffic, there is always a spectacular rotating display.  From January to May this year, these larger than life rose sculptures loom over each intersection from 57th to 67th Street. They are such a perk to the street and city. Better yet, they are a precursor to the annual tulip display soon to follow!

A bouquet of roses rising above Park Avenue

A closer look, complete with lady bug on top!

Personal stationery by The Delicate Pen with Red Climbing Roses

New blog schedule

BY jane, ON Tuesday, March 1, 2011

As we head full speed ahead into wedding season, I will be begin blogging only on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. It crossed my mind to turn over the actual writing to one of our staff, after I submitted content. Since I am such an advocate of personal letter writing, however, “speaking” directly from artist to reader gives our blog more integrity.  Composing the blog is actually one of my favorite things to do!  Thus,  it was decided that three days a week would be the immediate answer to our scheduling needs.  So see you on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.