123 April 8, 2011 - Delicate Pen


BY jane, ON Friday, April 8, 2011

I love monograms, where a letter, or a few letters shine alone in their Ta Da moment. I collect all sort of monograms-on towels, notepads, vintage kerchiefs-whether or not the initials are my own.  A monogram is certainly the most special, however, when the letters are actually yours. Especially when the monogram becomes your signature together as a newly wedded couple. The Royal Wedding invitation, however, features the grandmother of the groom’s monogram! I can pronounce that I have never been requested to do that! The royal monogram is certainly grand and has that traditional royal presence,  but don’t you think Talia and Seth’s monogram was more personal and romantic!? It is intriguing to see that the Queen herself has to command someone else to actually do the inviting. Those royals! I am sure the calligraphy on the guest lines will be lovely, but oh, I am just itching to paint a watercolor blossom on this to spruce it up!