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A Delicate Pen Wedding

BY jane, ON Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another image of Tawyna, moments before she walked down the outdoor aisle, alongside the reflecting pool at Griffin Mansion.

The bride in her moment alone, before the wedding, always seems to be my favorite photo.

Photo: Andrew Estez

A Delicate Pen Wedding

BY jane, ON Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We recently did the invitations for two very different weddings in Las Vegas. One of them, the wedding of Tawnya and Kiel, was a grand affair at The Griffin Mansion, whose mission is to encase beauty, elegance and distinctiveness on your wedding day. With striking red as the color scheme, we crafted the invitation ensemble for the couple who is stationed in Las Vegas for military duty.

The reply requested guests to indicate if they were active or retired military, so that a small American flag could be positioned near their place card at the post wedding dinner.

I love the contrast of the airy, lacy veil and the rough texture of the architecture in this private moment photo. More to come…

Photos:  Andrew Estez

Happy Bastile Day

BY jane, ON Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anne Fontaine, the French boutique of the classic white blouse, hosted a Bastile Day event. They had champagne, strawberries and French macarons!  I love this store!  I frequent the one at Rockefeller Center, on a regular basis,  just to admire the classic designs and chat with store manager, Ileana, and her staff. I like going to shops where I can embrace the old fashioned shop keeper mood, and this one has it! (I wish shop doors all still had little ringing bells when you enter, too!)

I entered the Bastille Day contest of telling Anne Fontaine what my favorite French thing was, and I won some French macarons!  Why is winning a prize just so much fun?! I MUST get my act together and have a give away on this site soon!

If you have never tasted a French macaron (which is nothing like our American coconut macaroon),  you must try one!

Derek Jeter

BY jane, ON Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My love of baseball began as a child, when the Cincinnati Reds offered free baseball tickets in exchange for good grades.  I think sports can be viewed as art, and Derek Jeter is an artist in my book.  Jeter just hit his 3000th hit this week, via a home run in Yankee stadium.  He said he felt tremendous pressure to hit that hit in Yankee stadium, and I am happy that he achieved his dreams, because we are all about dreams coming true at The Delicate Pen.

There are many videos out there of the hit and they are worth the watch.  It was interesting to me, that each time he went to bat for that 3000th hit, special commemorative  balls were used in case it really was the hit. This video of still shots is a favorite of mine, however, because it showcases that glorious “I did it!” feeling. As artists, (including athletes), we mostly craft, critique, strive, and endeavor, and mull and scratch. So when an “I did it!” moment comes along, after years of working very hard and focused toward a goal, it really does feel like a home run, this time, literally. Congratulations, Derek from me to you!

Stefanie Powers

BY jane, ON Thursday, July 7, 2011

I wanted to recommend a good read!  I am not a book club person. Just not my thing. I want to read what I want to read, when I want to read it,  in the time frame I have to read it, and I don’t really care to discuss it.  I do like hearing about books others have enjoyed, however, and so, likewise, I am making a recommendation.

I had the great fortune of understudying Stefanie Powers in the national tour of King and I. She was the most amazingly gracious person to me. When Stefanie was in New York recently for her book signing of One From the Hart, I had her sign a book for me.  I just finished reading it,  and it is really fascinating.  If you didn’t already know, Stefanie, known for her TV show Hart to Hart, had quite a career before that hit, working with the likes of John Wayne,  Tallulah Bankhead and many more. I really think you would enjoy reading it, if you want, when you want to,  for however long it takes you,  with no discussion afterwards!

More Wedding Photos

BY jane, ON Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Here are a few more photos of the wedding of Leigh and Jonathan.  Isn’t the color scheme just beautiful? The home was completely transformed to accommodate all guests in one room for the candlelit dinner.

What could be more romantic than a wedding at home?

Simply putting a first name on the place card makes the affair even more intimate. We custom mixed a coral color blossom.

Note to brides to be:  Be sure to take some black and white photos!

Photos:  Gray Hawn Photography. Used with permission.