123 October, 2011 - Delicate Pen

Dancing Fingers

BY jane, ON Friday, October 14, 2011

Hope you were able to watch the Chanel Dancing Fingers video which I posted last week. So creative!  Here is another Dancing Finger video-only this time-yes, my fingers! I made this video for the Licensing Expo that I did in June.  Couldn’t resist finally posting it here, as a follow up to Chanel’s terrific show!

More dancing fingers!

Love of Letters

BY jane, ON Monday, October 10, 2011

This speech, Steve Job’s commencement address to the Stanford University class of 2005 is well the 15 minutes it will take to watch it. How wonderful that we can listen and watch this whenever we want. The speech has positively influenced The Delicate Pen in so many ways since it became available online years ago-many art lessons lie within the words. His love for alphabets interestingly influenced his Apple designs. What a legacy he has left behind for us all!

Steve Jobs Remembered

BY jane, ON Thursday, October 6, 2011

We at The Delicate Pen, along with so many others around the world, mourn the loss of Steve Jobs. Here is an article that expresses the atmosphere in New York City, after hearing the sad news. I was surprised the news affected the me way it did. I didn’t know him, but I admired him, and that is reason enough to truly miss someone, I have learned. Steve’s inventions made our business run more smoothly, more productively and much more pleasantly.  I always joyfully anticipated his next move. He was an artist in my opinion.

Apples, many with the signature bite taken, as in the Apple logo, have been left outside the store.

I think Steve would appreciate this clever but heartfelt message.

We will miss you Steve.  Our sympathy to the family.