BY jane, ON Friday, December 23, 2011 AT 8:53 am

You know we love paper here at The Delicate Studio,  so imagine my delight when spying Bergdorf’s window devoted to a theme of paper! The holiday windows at Bergdorf’s are never to be missed and this year was no exception.  The windows paid homage to different mediums such as shells, wood, brass and yes our favorite paper!

This window was entitled “Teacher’s Pets.  Snappy dressed teacher, don’t you think? Her pets were all ingeniously crafted from paper- a large zebra, ostrich, peacock, skunk, spiders, all made of paper!

My favorite, a porcupine. Love all the lettering lying about too!

A honey comb and seahorses.

A hare’s ears and a rooster’s feathers….also made of paper!

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  1. Love all the paper treasures. My favorite is the sea horses!

  2. Bergdorf’s windows always leave me in complete awe! They are so creative and beautiful….definitely one of my favorite things to do for the holiday’s.

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