123 CALLIGRAPHY | Delicate Pen - Part 2

Baby Announcement

BY jane, ON Friday, November 18, 2011

The Delicate Pen and my savvy, stationer friends over at Pipo Press recently teamed up to create a baby announcement.  The mother, Amy, was excited to announce a girl, after proudly having two boys previously.  To announce a daughter for child number three was going to be great fun, so first I lettered the word “Daughter.” Pipo Press drop shaded the lettering for double impact.  I then lettered the baby’s name, once it was decided upon. The White family moved into a new home at the same time of the baby’s birth, so we suggested they take the opportunity to use the announcement as an address notification as well.  On the reverse side we lettered, “New residence….new resident” with the updated  address and family’s name underneath. Pipo Press then did the final layout and printing on 5 by 7 cards with their signature curved corners, and voilá!

I love that  baby Eloise has introduced herself to the world in hot pink instead of the traditional pastel shade. The middle name of “deNevue” is a family name and she will be lovingly called “Edie.”

We shall also take this opportunity for our own announcement!  We will have a Give Away very soon on this site.  Stop back soon!

Dancing Fingers

BY jane, ON Friday, October 14, 2011

Hope you were able to watch the Chanel Dancing Fingers video which I posted last week. So creative!  Here is another Dancing Finger video-only this time-yes, my fingers! I made this video for the Licensing Expo that I did in June.  Couldn’t resist finally posting it here, as a follow up to Chanel’s terrific show!

More dancing fingers!

Today’s Plan

BY jane, ON Tuesday, September 20, 2011

There is a medieval instructional book on calligraphy that says something like: “You will have to learn to be very creative with your mistakes or else you will spend a lot of time recopying and starting over!” Remember, they were copying Bibles by hand! I also once attended a seminar on artists’ errors and how the artist then turned them into something wonderfully creative. The end result was usually more spectacular than the original plan. A “mistake” can often be serendipitous. Since calligraphy is a very human art, there are inevitable errors while working, especially in a large piece such as a Ketubah, seating scroll, or poem. Sometimes, indeed, I just have to begin anew, but other times I can solve the problem another way and create something unexpectedly beautiful!

My little seven year old niece sent me her plan for the day today! Not only do I think it is a wonderful plan,  but I love how the little spelling “revision” became an opportunity for a star! The star then became a repeated element!   (There do seem to be a couple more “opportunities,”  but we shall overlook them for the moment!)

Artwork: Ashley Phillips


BY jane, ON Thursday, August 18, 2011

A great treasure of New York City is the Ziegfeld Theatre.  The Ziegfeld was built in 1927 as a Broadway theatre. It was sadly razed in 1966, but eventually relocated and rebuilt in 1969 as a movie palace. It is now is the last remaining movie palace in New York. I recently saw The Help there and while I always enjoy a good movie, the real thrill in seeing a movie at the Ziegfeld is surveying all the Ziegfeld Follies Girls’ shoes and boas and programs that are in glass cases lining the lobby walls.  Doris Eaton was probably the youngest Follies Girl, and also was the last remaining one, until she passed in May of 2010. The finite end of the era. Many of her costume pieces are on display.

The playfulness of the letter Z that is in the sidewalk as you enter the theatre is a delightful ambigram.

The Z’s also work in a mirrored fashion on the door handles. A fun idea for a new couple’s monogram.  Let’s see what other letters I can flip and flop in my work today!

Perfect Gift

BY jane, ON Monday, April 25, 2011

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what could be more personal than a journal with a hand calligraphed touch? This item is one of our best sellers for mothers and grandmothers of all ages.  Many daughters give them as gifts to their mothers, with strict instructions for them to start writing down stories from their childhood. Likewise,  many mothers and grandmothers give them to their daughters with young children, to inspire them to leave their own Legacy Book for their children.  I sought out to offer a journal that would inspire others to write down stories for future generations.  With such a pretty book,  who could resist writing.

The personal touch

BY jane, ON Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I discovered this article and quiz from the New York Times. It reveals how the human element adds an ingredient almost inexplicably engaging. Since I am a musician as well as an artist, and I believe “All Art is One Art,”  I found the findings predictable, yet thrilling, since it promotes my philosophy that nothing can replace the human element. Our motto on our contact page states, “We prefer the personal touch.” In music, hand calligraphy, and gift giving, why not add the personal touch. May we suggest a Mother’s Day gift this year?  We will hand calligraph a name and hand paint a flower color of your choice.


BY jane, ON Friday, April 15, 2011

I don’t immediately think of red as a spring color,  but on my jaunt to seek out flower displays,  I had a change of heart.

Scarlet tulips at Rockefeller Center.

Red door in the West Village.

This lovely brownstone sported a house number that caught my eye.  I love how the numeral one tips above the others. At first glance I thought it was the style, but upon taking a closer look, I think the number one may be a replacement number.  The metal is different and the width seems inconsistent.  Hmmm…everything has a story….wonder what this one is. The corners remind me of my first business card design.  I will have to dig it up and post it!

Strength of Script

BY jane, ON Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When NYC enjoyed a picture perfect 75 degree day this week,  I took a break and ran down to catch the Macy’s Flower Show, one of my favorite springtime rituals, only to find I was one day late! At first I was immobilized by disappointment,  but I quickly tracked down other flower displays in the city that seemed to have sprung open over night, as if on cue, all at once!  What inspiration-I couldn’t wait to get back to my watercolors!


The new public space in front of Macy’s.  You would think it was Paris!

Don’t the taxis look happy next to the allee of daffs?

A girl gets hungry from all that color.

I love the detail that Dean and Deluca gives to all their petite signs.  What a fun lettering style. This one single detail of their signature signs sets this store apart from so many others.  Ah, the Strength of Script.

Thank you notes

BY jane, ON Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My love of paper began as a child, when I was more excited about penning my thank you notes on fun stationery,  than I was about the actual presents I had received.  I couldn’t wait to write long letters of gratitude.  I remember my mother suggesting, however, that I should keep to the point of the one specific gift that person had given me, rather than writing about the entire lot of gifts I had received, in every single note, as I was prone to do at age 7 or 8.

Since I design thank you notes and greeting cards, I send them relentlessly. Thank you, feel better, good luck, bon voyage–you name it! I calligraph the addresses on the envelopes as a circadian warm up for my other calligraphy work.  So, when I happened upon this book, 365 Thank Yous, I was completely stumped! The idea of a thank you note a day was a remarkable enough accomplishment to write a book? Don’t people know about Chiocciola Posta? But, I quickly recognized that I am most certainly more of a correspondence geek than most.  That indeed that art of the hand-written thank you is becoming extinct. Personalized stationery, sadly, even more so. So thank you, John Kralik, for joining me on my soap box! I will write you a Chiocciola Posta soon!

New blog schedule

BY jane, ON Tuesday, March 1, 2011

As we head full speed ahead into wedding season, I will be begin blogging only on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. It crossed my mind to turn over the actual writing to one of our staff, after I submitted content. Since I am such an advocate of personal letter writing, however, “speaking” directly from artist to reader gives our blog more integrity.  Composing the blog is actually one of my favorite things to do!  Thus,  it was decided that three days a week would be the immediate answer to our scheduling needs.  So see you on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.