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123 FAVORITE SOURCES - Delicate Pen

Gift Idea

BY jane, ON Saturday, December 17, 2011

I recently had the great pleasure of  being the on site calligrapher for several events for Tequila Don Julio, under the parent company of Diageo.  Since I work solo much of the time, it is wild fun to be injected into a corporate setting every now and then. At several Holiday Happy Hours, I was on site for the purpose of hand lettering gift tags for an extremely elegant bottle of 1942 which has been aged for 2.5 years. The packaging of this deluxe gift item is exquisite, so I was honored to have my hand lettered gift tag considered a necessary addition to an already debonair presentation.

The shape of the tag mirrors the design of the sleek bottle of 1942. A beautiful hand lettered gift tag will always add something special and personal to any gift.

Me and the lovely Zey Halici, from MKTG, who organized the events.

The circular lobby wall of Diageo Corporate Headquarters in Norwalk, CT, where one of the events was held, reads,

“Celebrating life, every day, everywhere responsibly.”

I Love New York

BY jane, ON Saturday, November 12, 2011

It’s here! The long awaited NYC opening of our very own LaDurée, the Parisian patisserie, is here.  I waited a couple months for the intial hoopla, and thus the two hour lines to die down, so I only had to wait half an hour to buy some macarons as a gift for a friend. (They were sold out of the caramels…the candies…and the chocolates.) I love a true shopping experience, and I got one here! I have not been to the patisserie in Paris…mental note: go to LaDurée in Paris..but people in the know say everything is up to snuff in this Big Apple version.

The two complementary fonts on the front window are perfection.  I am already hooked. On the cue I go!

The famous macaron pyramids!

Studying the color combinations will surely keep me occupied for the half hour wait until I hit the front door.

Thirty-five minutes. I’m in!  Even the floor is stylish!

The candle and gift boutique.

The flower arrangement alone was worth the wait, and it looks like I will be waiting- as each customer is given proper time to inquire about and select the flavor of their macarons.

There they are!

“Pierre, oh Pierre….(his name really was Pierre)… One of each please… in a gift box! Oh, and an insulated bag to safely carry them on my 8 hour drive to deliver them. Three different pinks? How French! Mercí!”

The famed ribbons!

One last look at the flowers!

Paris in New York.

Worth the wait. A perfect wedding favor idea too. The Delicate Pen could create some lovely gift tags for you!


Favorite Source

BY jane, ON Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hello brides!  My tres chic friend over at www.amandapearl.com is having a Sample Sale through Sunday.  If you are still looking for that perfect clutch for your big day, head on over.  If you are not a bride, like me,  head on over anyway,  there are plenty of treats for the rest of us!

Who wouldn’t want to carry this on their wedding day?

Dancing Fingers

BY jane, ON Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fabulous colors, groovin’ music, wild imagination, and dancing fingers-this video has everything we love here at The Delicate Pen!  This is exquisitely directed and choreographed! It makes me want to scrub off the days paints and inks and paint my nails red for my next calligraphy demonstration! What color will you pick!?!?


BY jane, ON Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My day of running errands last week resulted in a cracked shoe heel, in an emergency sort of way. I was pointed to the nearest shoe repair, Jim’s Shoe Repair. When I entered the shop, I felt like Jane Seymour in Somewhere in Time, only this time it was 1932, the year Jim’s Shoe Repair opened. As I opened the door, my eyes widened and my pace instantly transitioned.

I was ushered into an individual mini-booth, with an Alice in Wonderland type hinged door, where I sat while my shoe was mended.  In each booth there is a little leather foot rest to keep your feet from touching the floor while seated, and the privacy of the booth allows your exposed feet to be hidden from the public. How delightfully elegant! The original gold cash register is still in use and the beautifully pitched ring of the buttons and drawer are sublime.

How civilized to have a place to secret your bare feet while your shoe is being repaired at Jim’s Shoe Repair.

The original register from 1932 still rings out each customer with a beautiful cha-ching.

American Spoon

BY jane, ON Thursday, August 4, 2011

There is a delectable gelato kitchen, American Spoon, in Petosky, MIchigan, a sweet little corner of the world.  Last time I frequented Petosky, I had the mint gelato three times in two days.  People always ask where I get my inspiration.  The answer is everywhere. Even in a gelato boutique! The subtle green of that mint gelato had me not only mixing dish after dish of green paint trying to replicate the color,  but also trying every recipe online for mint gelato and failing miserably in comparison to what I experienced there.

I found this wonderful summer image on their blog and I asked permission to share it.  Is this not summer in a jar, or what?  What a wonderful idea for a summer outdoor wedding!

What could be sweeter in summer than some Sweet Peas hanging from a bough with an organdy ribbon?

Photo: Megan Feely

Summer Afternoon

BY jane, ON Tuesday, August 2, 2011

“Summer afternoon-summer afternoon; to me those have always been the most beautiful words in the English language.”-Henry James

I couldn’t agree more.  We all must find moments for watching the hummingbirds and sipping mint lemonade, this summer!

Photo: Window Boxes by Paul Mallick ©2010

The porch of The Pentagoet Inn in Castine, Maine.

Happy Bastile Day

BY jane, ON Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anne Fontaine, the French boutique of the classic white blouse, hosted a Bastile Day event. They had champagne, strawberries and French macarons!  I love this store!  I frequent the one at Rockefeller Center, on a regular basis,  just to admire the classic designs and chat with store manager, Ileana, and her staff. I like going to shops where I can embrace the old fashioned shop keeper mood, and this one has it! (I wish shop doors all still had little ringing bells when you enter, too!)

I entered the Bastille Day contest of telling Anne Fontaine what my favorite French thing was, and I won some French macarons!  Why is winning a prize just so much fun?! I MUST get my act together and have a give away on this site soon!

If you have never tasted a French macaron (which is nothing like our American coconut macaroon),  you must try one!

From Me to You

BY jane, ON Friday, May 6, 2011

There is a great blog called From Me to You by photographer Jamie.  Anyone who photographs flowers is okay by me, but  look at the entire blog post today to really see what is special about this photographer.

Photo: Used with permission from Jamie at From Me to You.

Amanda Pearl

BY jane, ON Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am posting an unusual, unscheduled Tuesday post to let you know that we were featured on Amanda Pearl’s blog today. Click here to read it.  It is such fun to know people appreciate the Chiocciola Posta I send, and better yet, to inspire them to send their own. Amanda and I are working on a secret project together!  We’ll share it with you when it is complete.