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123 STUDIO PROJECTS | Delicate Pen - Part 2

Hand Painted Plates

BY jane, ON Friday, February 4, 2011

We were thrilled when we watched the  The Nate Berkus Segment that aired yesterday on NBC,  featuring the plates that I designed and painted in our studio. Kelley Moore did a wonderful job styling the table.  It was beautiful!  (The invitation that is shown in the segment is not from our studio, but computer generated elsewhere. Everything we do here at The Delicate Pen employs hand calligraphed artwork.)  Here at The Delicate Pen studio, we  took a break from addressing hundreds of Fashion Week invitations, to watch the television segment, and we were tickled pink with Nate’s reaction upon seeing the plates for the first time.  Here is my original sketch on paper for the plates. Watch the segment to see the final product.

Hostess Gift

BY jane, ON Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The wonderful thing about being an artist, is that you get to give your art as gifts. When I attended  Kelley Moore’s dinner party, I knew that Kelley, being an Entertaining Expert,  had specific ideas about her table display, and I didn’t want to interfere with those ideas.  So, I decided to bring a set of Reflection Cards, (a spur of the moment invention of mine), as a hostess gift. I lettered beautiful Italian cards with words like Believe, Love, Dream, and Angels.  I tied them with a silk ribbon to present as her gift.  During the evening, or upon leaving the party,  each guest could choose a Reflection Card, and ponder the word that evening, or on their travels home.  Nothing like a little piece of art, and a good thought to tuck in a pocket, and unexpectedly rediscover again some day with a smile. Luckily I chose a color scheme that was serendipitous!  See her centerpieces in yesterday’s post. Kelley’s Give Away is only one day away, and the Nate Berkus Show segment, featuring dinner plates I painted, airs in two days!

Chic dinner

BY jane, ON Monday, January 31, 2011

I was a guest for dinner over the weekend at a soiree hosted by Kelley L. Moore. (Take a look at her Friday blog post for a Give Away we are co- hosting.)  Everything about the evening was perfect. I met the most interesting and talented people. I will share their talents, my new sources, with you as we continue our blog.

Here is the flower arrangement for our table of 10.  These colors would be a perfect palette for a garden wedding.  Place cards or menu cards in various shades of soft yellow and blush would be perfect. Yes, of course we do them. We hand paint the flowers on each one.

Photo:Courtesy of Kelley L. Moore

Find it in the Flat Iron

BY jane, ON Monday, January 24, 2011

I love lettering.  I love the process of it, and I love admiring all kinds of lettering.  Even typewriting! My mother kept an old Olivetti typewriter and my little nieces love playing with it. I recently was on a hunt to find a replacement ribbon. The wonderful thing about New York City is that there is a “district” for everything. In typical NYC style, there are several typewriter repair businesses in the Flat Iron District. (A section of the city which has an old  building in the shape of an iron.) Gramercy Office Equipment is one of them.  Not only did they have my ribbon, but they do complete overhauls of typewriters including washing them and replacing the rollers. It is comforting to me to know that skilled trades like this exist, being a tradesperson myself!