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American Spoon

BY jane, ON Thursday, August 4, 2011

There is a delectable gelato kitchen, American Spoon, in Petosky, MIchigan, a sweet little corner of the world.  Last time I frequented Petosky, I had the mint gelato three times in two days.  People always ask where I get my inspiration.  The answer is everywhere. Even in a gelato boutique! The subtle green of that mint gelato had me not only mixing dish after dish of green paint trying to replicate the color,  but also trying every recipe online for mint gelato and failing miserably in comparison to what I experienced there.

I found this wonderful summer image on their blog and I asked permission to share it.  Is this not summer in a jar, or what?  What a wonderful idea for a summer outdoor wedding!

What could be sweeter in summer than some Sweet Peas hanging from a bough with an organdy ribbon?

Photo: Megan Feely