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Merry Christmas

BY jane, ON Thursday, December 23, 2010

There is a superb Woodworking shop in Cincinnati, Ohio named Bench Made Woodworking. Custom made everything, and the finest of work.  Real artists.  Even though I am a lettering artist,  I love type set fonts as well.  Bench Made’s identity mark uses great fonts and has a perfect color scheme.  When I was asked to letter the inside of their holiday wish card,  I tried to convince them that their logo font was fine and that calligraphy might look out of place.  They insisted, and proved us wrong. You can see their identity mark on the front of the card and our calligraphy on the inside.  We, and they, were happy with how it turned out and once again, adding a hand made touch made all the difference.  We share their sentiment in wishing you Happy Holidays.

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Winter Solstice

BY jane, ON Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice and Lunar Eclipse!  Today was our last shipping day for holiday gift orders. Thank you for making our first holiday shopping season a successful one!  We will have many new items in the new year. Here’s the last order that went out today.  We can add custom cards and tags to any order for any occasion.

Custom tag

Custom tag

Punch Recipe

BY jane, ON Monday, December 20, 2010

I know this isn’t a cooking blog, but I wish I knew how many people have asked for this recipe!  I published the recipe in the Last Days of Summer 2010 issue of Artistry, our online magazine.  I called it Moon Garden Punch because I served it at my Moon Garden concerts, but it is actually a perfect winter punch.  Instead of the peony near the bowl,  just use a few holly springs! So let’s just call it Winter White Punch for this time of year.  You can find the recipe if you click here.

More Macy’s Stories

BY jane, ON Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The letters for this shot were so fun to do.  I wrote things that mean something to me on each one. If you look at Santa’s left foot–you will see a letter just under his toe signed by “Joy”.  That was an homage to my wonderful friend, Joy Osborne, in Dallas.  Joy was the chairman of the Moon Garden Evening fund raiser that presented my concert and my little orchestra, last June.  Under his right toe, you will see a letter signed by “Nellie.”  That was in tribute to a character I played at Theatre by the Sea-Nellie Cohan in George M! Then, way over to the left you will see a letter from “Jane Lach”-another friend of mine. Yet another letter says from “Ida Clemons”-we go way back.   A little piece of trivia, her nephew, Ray McKinnon, was the coach in The Blind Side.

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Letters at Macy’s

BY jane, ON Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I calligraphed this letter to Santa for a Macy’s Believe ad in stores now.  Jane-well, that is me. And the return address is a made up address in a town I love in Maine. Take a look when you go shopping at Macy’s. You’ll know the behind the scenes story!

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BY jane, ON Monday, December 13, 2010

One of the most wonderful things about making art,  is that you get to give it away.  Since it is the season of giving,  I thought it an appropriate topic! I am peripherally involved in several charities,  and one of them is www.kageno.org started by my steadfast friend,  Frank Andolino.  Kageno, meaning a place of hope, transforms impoverished communities into places of opportunity and hope.  I always donate auction items, such as our glass keepsake boxes, for the yearly fundraiser, but this year I also donated the table numbers for the tables. Each table had a single orchid plant and woven runners. A lesson in simplicity.  Benjamin Gustafsson kindly took this photo for me.

Greetings from The Delicate Pen Blog!

BY jane, ON Friday, December 10, 2010

Greetings from my blog! The Delicate Pen was featured recently on www.bride-buzz.com – a bridal blog.   I thought, “Oh no,  I don’t have a blog to tell people to look at the blog!” The wonderful write up, by Bride-Buzz, was posted on their site on Monday, November 22nd.  So just click the above link and the entry will pop right up. We were so happy with the post! They did such a nice job of capturing the essence of our line in the posting.  Well,  you know the rest of the story.  Two weeks later-I have started a blog!  Since we are constantly creating and evolving here, we should have lots to post!  I will be posting every day-well almost every day-with tips, news, photos of our brides and their weddings, and an interview every now and then. Stop back soon.