More Macy’s Stories

BY jane, ON Wednesday, December 15, 2010 AT 5:10 am

The letters for this shot were so fun to do.  I wrote things that mean something to me on each one. If you look at Santa’s left foot–you will see a letter just under his toe signed by “Joy”.  That was an homage to my wonderful friend, Joy Osborne, in Dallas.  Joy was the chairman of the Moon Garden Evening fund raiser that presented my concert and my little orchestra, last June.  Under his right toe, you will see a letter signed by “Nellie.”  That was in tribute to a character I played at Theatre by the Sea-Nellie Cohan in George M! Then, way over to the left you will see a letter from “Jane Lach”-another friend of mine. Yet another letter says from “Ida Clemons”-we go way back.   A little piece of trivia, her nephew, Ray McKinnon, was the coach in The Blind Side.

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