123 January 21, 2011 - Delicate Pen

Considering a contract

BY jane, ON Friday, January 21, 2011

Once you have asked the questions to determine if the calligrapher you are considering is a professional,  specializes in the style you like,  and has a portfolio that is impressive,  you may wish to move on to a contract. Our wedding jobs are generally processed through retail stores, and so the contract is between that retailer and the customer.  For other work,  the contract originates from us.  For smaller jobs,  often an email stating the terms and payment will suffice.  For larger jobs,  you will want a contract.  Get the terms in writing! You want clearly stated the turn around time, the dates when your job will be started and completed. How much of a deposit will you need to put down? When is the remainder due?  Who pays for shipping? Then read all the fine print. Some calligraphers have written in their contract that they will stamp or emboss their name on every single envelope they address.  The Delicate Pen does not do that. Our invitation line prints our company logo elegantly and subtly on the back side of the invitation.  We want you to be the focus of your invitation!