FInd an Expert in Your Style

BY jane, ON Friday, January 7, 2011 AT 3:39 pm

Another consideration, in choosing a calligrapher, is to find a specialist in the particular style that you love.  I specialize in roughly five different scripts, all pointed pen scripts.  I have heard several calligraphers say that they can “match” any style. But is that what you want?  “Matching” to me will not have the organic,  free flowing,  graceful lines that comes with years of experience, in a specialized script becomes a part of you-in your blood, so to speak. I am an wild advocate of being able to do many things well,  but I believe you want to find the person who is the expert in the style that you like, not something that will be quickly learned, or approximated, for your important job. I constantly evolve and experiment and certainly may add another style down the road,  but currently, most of my work is in variations of the Spencerian style, and all are in pointed pen scripts.  If this is the look for you,  we just may be the studio for you.  If not,  you have some guidelines to help you in your search for the style you like.

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