Why Use Calligraphy

BY jane, ON Tuesday, January 4, 2011 AT 1:49 pm

Calligraphy is lettered by a person, not a machine.  Nothing can replace something finely crafted by hand.  There are nuances inherent in anything done by hand.   Those nuances are what give something charm,  and life. When you add calligraphy you give life and breath to whatever you are adorning.  It is no small coincidence that many brides choose to have calligraphy an integral part of their wedding, whether in the invitation itself,  the envelope addressing, or simply the use of place cards at the wedding itself.  Calligraphy elevates the event.  Calligraphy tells your guests or viewer that they are special and sets an immediate tone of importance.  Note how this simple place card is more special because of the calligraphy.

Photo by Gray Hawn Photography

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  1. These place cards are not just for weddings! I have a beautiful set with each of our family members’ first names. It not only solves the “where should I sit” dilemma, but makes the table beautiful. The high quality of the paper has allowed me to use them on more than one occasion.

  2. I remember you ordering those! You chose fun colors. Glad you are able to use them so often. They make a great gift too for another family’s gatherings.

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