Hostess Gift

BY jane, ON Tuesday, February 1, 2011 AT 2:21 pm

The wonderful thing about being an artist, is that you get to give your art as gifts. When I attended  Kelley Moore’s dinner party, I knew that Kelley, being an Entertaining Expert,  had specific ideas about her table display, and I didn’t want to interfere with those ideas.  So, I decided to bring a set of Reflection Cards, (a spur of the moment invention of mine), as a hostess gift. I lettered beautiful Italian cards with words like Believe, Love, Dream, and Angels.  I tied them with a silk ribbon to present as her gift.  During the evening, or upon leaving the party,  each guest could choose a Reflection Card, and ponder the word that evening, or on their travels home.  Nothing like a little piece of art, and a good thought to tuck in a pocket, and unexpectedly rediscover again some day with a smile. Luckily I chose a color scheme that was serendipitous!  See her centerpieces in yesterday’s post. Kelley’s Give Away is only one day away, and the Nate Berkus Show segment, featuring dinner plates I painted, airs in two days!

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