Write like a princess

BY jane, ON Monday, March 28, 2011 AT 12:36 pm
I remember Princess Diana commenting in an interview once, that she would feel obligated to stay up until the wee hours every night penning all of her thank you notes for the events and kindnesses that had occurred each day.  Certainly we don’t want to put that kind of pressure on ourselves, without a staff to assist us, but, can’t you just imagine her in her boudoir in Buckingham Palace, poised over an ornate desk, with a cache of engraved stationery, and beautiful pens at hand?  (We would be happy to help you gather such supplies!)   All you need is a writing nook! As you conclude your day, slip on some Peter Fox satin slippers (our favorites) and a silky robe. Pretend you are a princess and start writing! One of Diana’s thank you notes raised $800 pounds for charity alone, so you never know what good may come of a single note!
A Peter Fox satin slipper,  fit for a princess,  and you!

6 Responses to “Write like a princess”

  1. Hi Jane,
    Thank-you so much for adding the picture of one of our favorite satin slippers.
    Not just for weddings, they can be worn anytime you want to feel a bit special!

  2. Love the shoe, and your continued theme of the lost art of actually writing a letter. I thought you might want to check on this. I think Diana lived at Kensington Palace, not Buckingham Palace. Even Prince Charles doesn’t live at Buckingham Palace.

  3. Sally, thanks for the correction. I corrected the title to Princess. I left the rest as is, otherwise your comment won’t make sense. Let’s see if anyone else picks up on the palace error!

  4. Got it!

  5. Love the new pink lady slippers!

  6. I confess. I just had to have them. I am now the proud owner. The color is not to be believed, Lydia at Peter Fox dyed them.

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