Delicate Pen Wedding

BY jane, ON Thursday, June 30, 2011 AT 12:19 am

In the coming weeks, I will post more adventures from our wonderful experience at the Licensing Expo, but I just can’t wait a moment longer to share a few wedding photos with you.

We usually work with future brides and grooms in planning their wedding, but occasionally we work more closely with the mother of the bride, even if the bride and groom are very much involved.  Such was the case with Pam,  mother of Leigh, who was engaged to Jonathan.  Pam was a dream mother of the bride, and we became very close during the planning process.  The wedding was an intimate affair held in Pam and her husband’s home.  Here are a few of the spectacular photos from Leigh and Jonathan’s wedding. Thank you Leigh and Jonathan for sharing them with me.

I love that the bride and the beautiful cake enjoyed a moment together in the most intimate of surroundings. The bride looks as though she is peeking out at her new future.  Or perhaps she is peeking at the arriving guests….or groom!


Photos:  Gray Hawn Photography. Used with permission.

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