Derek Jeter

BY jane, ON Tuesday, July 12, 2011 AT 9:30 am

My love of baseball began as a child, when the Cincinnati Reds offered free baseball tickets in exchange for good grades.  I think sports can be viewed as art, and Derek Jeter is an artist in my book.  Jeter just hit his 3000th hit this week, via a home run in Yankee stadium.  He said he felt tremendous pressure to hit that hit in Yankee stadium, and I am happy that he achieved his dreams, because we are all about dreams coming true at The Delicate Pen.

There are many videos out there of the hit and they are worth the watch.  It was interesting to me, that each time he went to bat for that 3000th hit, special commemorative  balls were used in case it really was the hit. This video of still shots is a favorite of mine, however, because it showcases that glorious “I did it!” feeling. As artists, (including athletes), we mostly craft, critique, strive, and endeavor, and mull and scratch. So when an “I did it!” moment comes along, after years of working very hard and focused toward a goal, it really does feel like a home run, this time, literally. Congratulations, Derek from me to you!

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  1. Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit was a wonderful moment!
    A friend who has season tickets had asked me to go to the game Friday night, we were sure he was going to get the big hit that night. The game ending up being rained out and he hit his 3000th the next day. Oh well…. we were disappointed not to see it in person, but it was still amazing to watch. In this age of celebrity bad behavior, I have always admired Derek Jeter’s dignity and grace….what a classy guy, makes me happy to be a baseball fan!

  2. Well, it appears that Mr. Jeter is just a bit elusive to us both! I flew down to Cincinnati to visit family, and also see the rare Yankees vs. Reds series. My game was also rained out! I went to the next game and Deter and A-Rod were both out. But being an understudy myself for many years on the stage, I knew the rookies that I saw in that game were worthy of the same attention I would have given the others. It turned out to be a good game. Guess the two of us need to go back out to the stadium some day soon though and try again to see our guy!

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