Happy Bastile Day

BY jane, ON Thursday, July 14, 2011 AT 8:46 am

Anne Fontaine, the French boutique of the classic white blouse, hosted a Bastile Day event. They had champagne, strawberries and French macarons!  I love this store!  I frequent the one at Rockefeller Center, on a regular basis,  just to admire the classic designs and chat with store manager, Ileana, and her staff. I like going to shops where I can embrace the old fashioned shop keeper mood, and this one has it! (I wish shop doors all still had little ringing bells when you enter, too!)

I entered the Bastille Day contest of telling Anne Fontaine what my favorite French thing was, and I won some French macarons!  Why is winning a prize just so much fun?! I MUST get my act together and have a give away on this site soon!

If you have never tasted a French macaron (which is nothing like our American coconut macaroon),  you must try one!

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  1. So what is your favorite French thing?

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