Today’s Plan

BY jane, ON Tuesday, September 20, 2011 AT 1:01 am

There is a medieval instructional book on calligraphy that says something like: “You will have to learn to be very creative with your mistakes or else you will spend a lot of time recopying and starting over!” Remember, they were copying Bibles by hand! I also once attended a seminar on artists’ errors and how the artist then turned them into something wonderfully creative. The end result was usually more spectacular than the original plan. A “mistake” can often be serendipitous. Since calligraphy is a very human art, there are inevitable errors while working, especially in a large piece such as a Ketubah, seating scroll, or poem. Sometimes, indeed, I just have to begin anew, but other times I can solve the problem another way and create something unexpectedly beautiful!

My little seven year old niece sent me her plan for the day today! Not only do I think it is a wonderful plan,  but I love how the little spelling “revision” became an opportunity for a star! The star then became a repeated element!   (There do seem to be a couple more “opportunities,”  but we shall overlook them for the moment!)

Artwork: Ashley Phillips

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  1. I love the stars! Ashley is star!!

  2. She is pretty awesome!

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