I Love New York

BY jane, ON Saturday, November 12, 2011 AT 9:08 am

It’s here! The long awaited NYC opening of our very own LaDurée, the Parisian patisserie, is here.  I waited a couple months for the intial hoopla, and thus the two hour lines to die down, so I only had to wait half an hour to buy some macarons as a gift for a friend. (They were sold out of the caramels…the candies…and the chocolates.) I love a true shopping experience, and I got one here! I have not been to the patisserie in Paris…mental note: go to LaDurée in Paris..but people in the know say everything is up to snuff in this Big Apple version.

The two complementary fonts on the front window are perfection.  I am already hooked. On the cue I go!

The famous macaron pyramids!

Studying the color combinations will surely keep me occupied for the half hour wait until I hit the front door.

Thirty-five minutes. I’m in!  Even the floor is stylish!

The candle and gift boutique.

The flower arrangement alone was worth the wait, and it looks like I will be waiting- as each customer is given proper time to inquire about and select the flavor of their macarons.

There they are!

“Pierre, oh Pierre….(his name really was Pierre)… One of each please… in a gift box! Oh, and an insulated bag to safely carry them on my 8 hour drive to deliver them. Three different pinks? How French! Mercí!”

The famed ribbons!

One last look at the flowers!

Paris in New York.

Worth the wait. A perfect wedding favor idea too. The Delicate Pen could create some lovely gift tags for you!


4 Responses to “I Love New York”

  1. Wow! This shop looks beautiful and I love
    macaroons! How were they? Did you try one!
    Yum! NYC!

  2. i didn’t know you blog!
    this makes me miss NYC so much. xo

  3. Well, I’m too late for the contest (although I did LIKE you on FB of course) but mental note–we must put this on the list for my next NYC visit!

  4. Yes, I tried the rose, the orange and the chocolate. Divine. Yes, I blog, I Skype, The Delicate Pen just joined Facebook and we have finally decided to join this century!

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