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Favorite Source

BY jane, ON Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hello brides!  My tres chic friend over at www.amandapearl.com is having a Sample Sale through Sunday.  If you are still looking for that perfect clutch for your big day, head on over.  If you are not a bride, like me,  head on over anyway,  there are plenty of treats for the rest of us!

Who wouldn’t want to carry this on their wedding day?

Amanda Pearl

BY jane, ON Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am posting an unusual, unscheduled Tuesday post to let you know that we were featured on Amanda Pearl’s blog today. Click here to read it.  It is such fun to know people appreciate the Chiocciola Posta I send, and better yet, to inspire them to send their own. Amanda and I are working on a secret project together!  We’ll share it with you when it is complete.

Inspiration Board

BY jane, ON Friday, March 11, 2011

Whenever I visit another artist’s workspace, I imagine what the late 19th century artist salons and later, the artist colonies, must have been like! Remember all those impressionists, who summered together,  sharing ideas?  What about Appledore Island! Oh, to have been a guest of Celia Thaxter’s for the summer!  (I visited Appledore and Celia’s garden, and I will tell you about my visit one day!)

I have a trio of Inspiration Boards above my light table where I do most of my work.  Tidbits of clippings, colors and quotes that constantly rotate, guided by my whim.  When I visited Amanda Pearl’s atelier (see this week’s earlier postings),  I just loved her oversized Inspiration Board.

From Amanda’s snippets….

….come this enchanting piece!

One of Amanda’s signature ideas is creating jewelry out of vintage chandelier crystals.

Ding! I have a chandelier! I may just have to steal a few crystals from it, so she can create  a necklace for me!  I’ll keep you posted on this idea!

And, lastly…

…one of my Inspiration Boards.

Bridal Accessories

BY jane, ON Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This week I am featuring the accessories of Amanda Pearl. Amanda parallels similar sensibilities that we aim for here at The Delicate Pen studio. Our goal is classic,  but fresh. Here are a few of Amanda’s accessories in action on the pages of Bride’s Magazine.

Amanda Pearl Clutch-perfect for your wedding day!

Photo:  Via Bride’s Magazine

Amanda Pearl Earrings.  (Love the dress, by Johnna Ho, too!)

Photo: Via Bride’s Magazine

Close up of the earrings.

Now you only need the invitations! We’d be happy to help!

Photos: Amanda Pearl ©

Another favorite source

BY jane, ON Monday, March 7, 2011

I have a glorious source to feature this week!  You may already know, if you’ve browsed our website, that I have formal training as a dancer. That disciplined, yet creative background informs all of my work as an artist.  I have become acquainted with another dancer, Amanda Pearl, who has transitioned into the fashion industry.  A former Pacific Northwest Ballet ballerina, she designs the most glorious accessories, perfect for brides, mothers of the brides and guests alike. An injury caused Amanda to exit her stage career a little earlier than expected, but she has created a new life that allows her to envelop herself in all the sparkle, color and elegance of the costumes she once paraded.

I spent an afternoon touring Amanda’s workspace recently. Greeting me in edgy sneakers, skinny jeans, striped shirt and a cropped black sequined jacket, that only she could pull off, Amanda quickly introduced me to the fluffiest, whitest and most darling Havenese mascot, Fidel. (Mental note:  I need a fluffy mascot.) Creativity oozes from every corner of her studio.  From the mix and match white work tables to the glass display cases of samples, every nook of the atelier is beguiling.

Many dancers, I for one, have used the services of Career Transition for Dancers to help plan a second or parallel career.  The organization is one of the charities I support regularly. Here is a photo of three dancers turned entrepreneurs, wearing Amanda Pearl accessories at her Fall 2011 Fashion Week Cocktail Event last month.

Right to left: Me (dancer turned artist), Amanda (dancer turned accessories designer) showing her vintage crystal necklace, and Beverly Edwards (dancer turned Broadway company manager).

Photo: Amanda Pearl ©