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Martha Stewart Bridal Market Party Report

BY jane, ON Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hi!  After a very long stretch of being away, the blog is back!  We debuted our new album of designs at the National Stationery Show in May and it has taken all these months away from the blog to produce those albums and keep up with spring and summer wedding orders. As a friend of mine says,  “We can only be super women 90% of the time! We had no idea we would be such a hit at NSS and so it took quite a while to produce the albums since every sample is hand painted. But the books shipped out all across the country last week and now there should be a little snippet of time again to post blogs regularly.  Our first post back is a fun one too!

I was honored to be the calligrapher at the grand party held at Martha Stewart Weddings Headquarters during Bridal Market week. The highlight of the evening was a real wedding that took place, officiated by Martha herself! You MUST read about it here.

My part in the evening was to personalize notebooks made by Minted, with each guest’s name during the event.

There will be feature and a little video on the calligraphy I did on the notebooks on the Martha Stewart Weddings Blog soon, so you will just have to wait patiently for those images!  (I will alert you on when that appears on that blog.) Here are some features of the evening, however.

I love setting up for an event.  A little production that has to come together at just the right time gives me a little adrenaline rush every time!

At just the right moment the room was ready. Everyone cleared the room for a photo op!

Creme Delicious provided henna style decorated cakes and cookies.

Trays and trays of yummy food, ice sculptures and then more cupcakes and party favors by Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes magically appeared all evening.

A calligrapher friend, the very generous Bernard Maisner, honored me by letting me letter a notebook for him.

The party in full swing!