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Intro | Delicate Pen

The Delicate Pen, based in New York,
offers artisanal calligraphy services, as well as a full line of hand-lettered, hand-detailed fine stationery and gifts made one at a time.

Jane Labanz, principal artist and calligrapher of The Delicate Pen, with an extensive background in theater, music and dance,
is renowned for her dramatic flair, creative artistry, and imaginative panache on stage,
as well as on paper.

Services also include calligraphy for film, television, theatre and advertising, envelope addressing, and commissioned one of a kind, calligraphed and botanical pieces.

Whether you use our studio to indulge in one of our lavish invitation suites, letter the perfect gift, or fashion your film and advertising needs with our expertise, let us transform your special occasion from merely memorable
to unforgettable. Our secret-we add a touch
of romance to just about everything.