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Ta Da

BY jane, ON Monday, February 28, 2011

So sorry I didn’t blog last week! We were juggling many projects including this one that we teased you with, over a week ago.  I sometimes get commissioned to paint furniture.  Here is a before and after photo of a vintage desk.  We had no idea of the history of the desk, but it is on the petite size, so it may have been a child’s desk. It had such nice curves and overall design, that we decided that it would probably be perfect as a small dressing table. I painted it with a toast to “Jessica McClintock” with our signature swoops and and swirls. We chose Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage green as a base, with ivory and pewter highlights.  I painted the back of the piece as well, so that if it is ever is “floated” in a room, it will have extra pizzazz. (Also correctly spelled pizazz, interestingly enough.) After many trips to Anthropologie, and numerous experiments with colorful knobs, we settled on these simple glass ones. The knobs add a little sparkle to the piece, but keep the painted design the main focus.



The back of the dressing table.

The flourishing details

Click on each image to enlarge.

Painted desk design: The Delicate Pen ©


BY jane, ON Friday, February 18, 2011

This is a little teaser of something I am working on.  I should be ready to show you the entire project on Monday, so stop back and see.

Cookie report

BY jane, ON Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We heard from Barbara in DC that she tried the cookie recipe we posted in our Artistry magazine.  Look how beautifully hers came out!  Thanks for sharing!

Happy Valentine’s Day

BY jane, ON Monday, February 14, 2011

Don’t you love hearts?  I love drawing them, painting them, and finding them in nature.  I have a rock collection of rocks I find in the shape of hearts.  If you just look, hearts are everywhere in nature. Looking for and finding them, can become an obsessive pastime actually, so be forewarned.  I thought this leaf was so artistic.  Just hanging on for dear life until a spring bud comes in its wake and finally sets it free.    Happy Valentine’s Day from The Delicate Pen.

Photo:  Paul Mallick ©

More of Tia

BY jane, ON Friday, February 11, 2011

We have been featuring head pieces by bridal designer, Tia Mazza, this week.  This is another one of her magical creations.  Tia crafted this piece, by having the flowers made one at a time, to match the flowers on a vintage headpiece she owns.  It can be worn with or without a veil.  You can read more about our Featured Artist in our online magazine, Artistry.

Valentine Challenge

BY jane, ON Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a gentle reminder that Valentine’s Day is only four days away.  With any luck from the postal service,  if you mail today,  Valentines should reach your destination by February 14th!  I wrote an article on the Valentine Challenge in Artistry Magazine that you can read to inspire you to send lots this year. So get busy!

Artistry Magazine

BY jane, ON

We just published our Almost Spring Issue of Artistry Magazine.  You can read it by clicking on that link.  The issue features articles on Valentines,  news from our Nate Berkus segment,  concert news, and our featured artist is Tia Mazza.

Photo:  Annabelle Story.

Cathedral Veil

BY jane, ON Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tia Mazza, bridal veil designer,  is known for ability to customize and create one of a kind pieces.  She also meets seemingly impossible deadlines.  This is one of her Cathedral Veils.  It is usually Cathedral length,  but she can custom make it to any length you desire.  It features French lace.  You can read more about Tia in Artistry, my online magazine.  The Almost Spring issue will be published tomorrow.

Photo: Carol Dragon

Bridal Headpieces

BY jane, ON Monday, February 7, 2011

There is a bridal veil designer that, in my opinion, stands far above the rest.  She is Tia Mazza.  This is one of her whimsical Cage Veils.  I always try to capture a little romance on my invitation designs.  I feel that is exactly what Tia does with her head pieces. This Cage Veil is made of blush colored silk organza.  The comb is detachable,  so that you can wear just the flower on a comb for your reception, if you choose.

Photo:  Carol Dragon

Hand Painted Plates

BY jane, ON Friday, February 4, 2011

We were thrilled when we watched the  The Nate Berkus Segment that aired yesterday on NBC,  featuring the plates that I designed and painted in our studio. Kelley Moore did a wonderful job styling the table.  It was beautiful!  (The invitation that is shown in the segment is not from our studio, but computer generated elsewhere. Everything we do here at The Delicate Pen employs hand calligraphed artwork.)  Here at The Delicate Pen studio, we  took a break from addressing hundreds of Fashion Week invitations, to watch the television segment, and we were tickled pink with Nate’s reaction upon seeing the plates for the first time.  Here is my original sketch on paper for the plates. Watch the segment to see the final product.