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A Delicate Pen Wedding

BY jane, ON Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sorry to have been away for a bit.  We were gearing up for and recovering from Irene. There were so many brides who needed to cancel their weddings because of Irene. It was all extremely sad, but the way that these beautiful brides dealt with their grave disappointments were varied and creative. One couple went ahead and got married at the rehearsal dinner and the reception has been rescheduled for a later date.  Another has opted to completely start over and do all the things they ran out of time to do the first time around!  Everyone seemed to look at the champagne glass half full in spite of the devasting decision to cancel. Our heartfelt empathy goes out to all the brides and grooms that had their wedding plans disrupted this week.

One wedding that was able to take place happened in Las Vegas far away from Irene a few weeks back.

What do you get when a Las Vegas show girl…

falls in love with a rodeo man?

Well,  some years later…you get A Delicate Pen Wedding!

More photos to come!


BY jane, ON Thursday, August 18, 2011

A great treasure of New York City is the Ziegfeld Theatre.  The Ziegfeld was built in 1927 as a Broadway theatre. It was sadly razed in 1966, but eventually relocated and rebuilt in 1969 as a movie palace. It is now is the last remaining movie palace in New York. I recently saw The Help there and while I always enjoy a good movie, the real thrill in seeing a movie at the Ziegfeld is surveying all the Ziegfeld Follies Girls’ shoes and boas and programs that are in glass cases lining the lobby walls.  Doris Eaton was probably the youngest Follies Girl, and also was the last remaining one, until she passed in May of 2010. The finite end of the era. Many of her costume pieces are on display.

The playfulness of the letter Z that is in the sidewalk as you enter the theatre is a delightful ambigram.

The Z’s also work in a mirrored fashion on the door handles. A fun idea for a new couple’s monogram.  Let’s see what other letters I can flip and flop in my work today!


BY jane, ON Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My day of running errands last week resulted in a cracked shoe heel, in an emergency sort of way. I was pointed to the nearest shoe repair, Jim’s Shoe Repair. When I entered the shop, I felt like Jane Seymour in Somewhere in Time, only this time it was 1932, the year Jim’s Shoe Repair opened. As I opened the door, my eyes widened and my pace instantly transitioned.

I was ushered into an individual mini-booth, with an Alice in Wonderland type hinged door, where I sat while my shoe was mended.  In each booth there is a little leather foot rest to keep your feet from touching the floor while seated, and the privacy of the booth allows your exposed feet to be hidden from the public. How delightfully elegant! The original gold cash register is still in use and the beautifully pitched ring of the buttons and drawer are sublime.

How civilized to have a place to secret your bare feet while your shoe is being repaired at Jim’s Shoe Repair.

The original register from 1932 still rings out each customer with a beautiful cha-ching.

American Spoon

BY jane, ON Thursday, August 4, 2011

There is a delectable gelato kitchen, American Spoon, in Petosky, MIchigan, a sweet little corner of the world.  Last time I frequented Petosky, I had the mint gelato three times in two days.  People always ask where I get my inspiration.  The answer is everywhere. Even in a gelato boutique! The subtle green of that mint gelato had me not only mixing dish after dish of green paint trying to replicate the color,  but also trying every recipe online for mint gelato and failing miserably in comparison to what I experienced there.

I found this wonderful summer image on their blog and I asked permission to share it.  Is this not summer in a jar, or what?  What a wonderful idea for a summer outdoor wedding!

What could be sweeter in summer than some Sweet Peas hanging from a bough with an organdy ribbon?

Photo: Megan Feely

Summer Afternoon

BY jane, ON Tuesday, August 2, 2011

“Summer afternoon-summer afternoon; to me those have always been the most beautiful words in the English language.”-Henry James

I couldn’t agree more.  We all must find moments for watching the hummingbirds and sipping mint lemonade, this summer!

Photo: Window Boxes by Paul Mallick ©2010

The porch of The Pentagoet Inn in Castine, Maine.