123 March, 2012 - Delicate Pen

A Delicate Pen Wedding

BY jane, ON Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hi!  I am so sorry to have evaporated for over a month! We took a little unexpected Company Vacation when the opportunity arose.  When we returned, we were blessed with a profusion of orders and we are just catching up from that whirlwind.  The hiatus has perhaps just made you long even more for the photos I promised of Jocelyn and Ryan’s wedding. So, albeit a little delayed, here they are and well worth the wait!

While I was lettering the mirrors for their wedding, the bride and groom arrived at the venue. I often don’t get to see the soon-to-be-married couple, so to spy them just before the event was a terrific perk for me.  I managed to get a few photos from the ladder where I was poised with my pens!

No photo compares, however, to this wonderful, professional photo of the bride and groom.  What a moment! How fortuitous that this wedding took place during the Pop Up Piano event to create such a fabulous setting for a memory on film!

Photo © Yun Gen Yang Photography